Going After the Stars with the Right Tools

Going After the Stars with the Right Tools

Stars. They seem unreachable, don’t they? If we think about the physical aspect, it’s obvious that these objects in the sky are getting farther and farther the more we gaze upon them. Their light may seem near at some point, but the longer you stare at them, the more it becomes clear: They’re unreachable.

But going after them isn’t really that impossible.

Reaching for the stars


If you visit http://cfat.ca/news/the-new-cfat-electronics-lab/, you’ll learn that you can develop your own electronics with the right tools. You can fabricate devices, make your own gadgets, create a star-related machine, and reach for the stars! The lab has a lot of electronic components that can help you fulfill your dreams of going after the stars. You may not be able to touch them as they are impossible, but you can study more about the stars, and even make your own replica with a 3D printer available in the lab! With the available machines in the lab, you can reach for the stars.

The Other Star

Stars don’t always have to be the sky objects we can see, though. You can be a star in your own way. How? By being the creative individual you were meant to be. You can be a scientist. A creator. A builder. An inventor. All these you can do in the lab. You can be yourself, you can make anything—your imagination is your own limit. And you’ll see, your products will make you shine brighter as a star.

How can anyone be a star in this world? Some are called superstars, rock stars, etc. But anyone has that brightness in them that will make them capable of glowing brilliantly and sharing their light with others.

You can even be a star when you train others to use the right tools when trying to achieve their dreams. You’re a star when you influence others to be the best they can be. You’re a star when you encourage others to create and innovate for others, themselves, or for the planet.

A Star-Studded Life


Going after the stars. Chasing the light. Shining bright. They all describe a star-studded life. You see, it doesn’t have to be literally referring to the objects in the night sky. You’re living a star-studded life if you refuse to give up on reaching for something that’s above you and creating something that’s better, something that will make you shine brighter.

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