All There Is to Know About CSGO Gambling

All There Is to Know About CSGO Gambling

CS:GO gambling has been receiving a lot of criticisms and is surrounded by loads of controversies. Despite this, the industry continues to grow and attract many players in this era.

Short Background


CS:GO enables gamers to get skins for their weapons, which could be obtained by opening a case using a key. Cases are usually received through a random drop in the game, but skins and cases could also be bought or traded. Each key costs USD 2.49, regardless of the type of key and case you’re trying to open. Keys could be exchanged as well. Skins, which are cosmetic finishes only, could also be sold for credit. They could likewise be sold on third party sites for real cash. Skins are the popular subjects of CS:GO gambling as there are hundreds of sites allowing players to gamble their skins in exchange for something of higher quality.

The Bone of Contention

Honestly, CS:GO gambling sites are controversial because they don’t run under official regulations, therefore allowing more players to participate in gambling even if they are aged less than 18 years. Gambling sites also allow gamers to gamble even if online gambling is illegal in their home country.

Taking a Closer Look at Its Popularity


There’s no doubt—CS:GO gambling is famous, and more than 10 million players around the world can attest to that. CS:GO gambling is in vogue because the game itself is well-known. Having said that, it’s only normal to take a good look at CS:GO and why it’s in demand.

CS:GO has an item drop system which enables any gamer to obtain weapon cases and skins at a given time—this makes the game fair and square. The cases that are dropped could contain knife and gun skins, and some skins are extremely rare compared to others, which makes collecting exciting.

The Influence of the Industry

Want to know how big skin gambling is? Let’s look through the numbers. Last March 2016, more than 38 million players visited, which is a popular site for skin gambling. This is proof that even though skin gambling hasn’t been around for long yet, it’s already a huge industry. In fact, almost USD 7.4 billion out of the USD 8 billion sales from electronic sports (e-sports) betting came from skin gambling. Which means only around USD 600M were gambled through cash!

Acceptable Gambling


When participating in CS:GO gambling, there are four things you have to do. First, check the gambling site. Has it been tested and proven to be legit? If I were you, I’d trust CSGO Totem—they review all the sites they promote and are very informative. Second, be sure you’re 18 or older. Don’t gamble if you’re a minor. Even the best and most reliable gambling sites will be closed if more and more minors participate in online gambling. Third, if online betting is illegal in your country, then don’t gamble. Lastly, avoid betting with real cash—it’s safer this way.

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